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Playboy Swing is now into it’s 5th season. It is one of the most popular reality TV shows ever made. It features new couples trying out what it would be like to be in the swinging lifestyle. The new couple enters the house for one night amongst 4-5 experienced couples to help them to try their first swinging experience in a controlled environment so they can see if swinging is right for them.

Playboy TV Swing also has the couples speaking with a psychologist who is a specialist as a sexologist and relationships counsellor who will help the brand new couples to deal with any issues that may arise from their time in the Swing House.

Each episode is different with each couple entering the Swing house, from couples trying out their first swinging experience, to those couples wanting to try their first full swap. Not every couple seeking a full swap gets to do it due to circumstances in the house. But the final 2 episodes feature the brand new couple each having a double full swap with 2 different couples. It is sometimes hard enough to have one full swap with one other couple, let alone 2.

So have a look at Playboy Swing and take a trial of a Playboy membership. It is the absolute best in reality TV and adult entertainment.


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A 3 way couple swap from the Red Room. This is Playboy Swing season 5, Ep 2.